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BIRTHLIGHT YOGA back to evenings!!!

It is thought that when you are ready for the transformative power of yoga in your life, that your teacher will appear. I hope to see you in class soon.

Trikonasana on Lower Largo Beach, Fife - Easter 2010  

About Me

I started practising hatha yoga in 1988 while a student at New York University. New York City was a wonderful place to begin my yoga journey as I had access to a wide range of classes and excellent teachers. Throughout my student years I attended classes and courses at various yoga studios: Sivananda, Iyengar and more. During this period I happened to attend a lecture on Ayurveda by Dr. Pratima Raichur and subsequently became insterested in how yoga, Ayurveda and meditation all complement each other.  I went on intensive retreats with Dharma Mittra and at the Himalayan Institute. This period of exploration allowed me to see which styles of teaching suited me best. I have always found that you learn something different from every teacher. I returned, time and again, to classes at two places: Dharma Mittra's yoga studio and the Himalayan Institute teachers who then taught out of East West Bookstore (still there - on lower 5th Ave).

It is with gratitude that I acknowledge my teachers, from whom, more than 20 years on, I am still learning. You will find a wealth of information on their websites. I won't aim to reproduce it here. Dharma Mittra turned 72 recently and is still teaching and traveling the world training yoga teachers after 50 years dedicated to yoga. Dharma is known for his famous poster of 908 poses. Carol and Charles Crenshaw of the Himalayan Institute have over 60 years of teaching between them. Along with Sandy Anderson, Mary and Rolf Sovik and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (all students of Swami Rama) who inititated me into this tradition with my own mantra. And to Swami Rama who founded the Himalayan Institute in 1969 I give my thanks.

I was on Dharma's website, watching his 70th Birthday Retrospective video and was surprised to see a still of myself (in purple), in his class. This photo is from about 1989 I would guess.

Leigh in Dharma's class, circa 1988?

I completed 200 hours of teacher training with the Himalayan Institute in 1998. I did some student teaching in NYC, followed by some teaching in Leith, Edinburgh. I am pleased to be teaching again in Rugby after a few years break dedicated to motherhood. I taught at Ken Marriott Leisure Centre for 3 years, bringing Hatha Yoga onto the timetable. Now all my teaching is all in privately hired venues, which I find more conducive to this style of yoga than the what the busy gym environments could provide.

In December 2010 I began my pregnancy yoga teacher training with Francoise Barbira Freedman, the founder of Birthlight. I completed my perinatal yoga diploma (distinction level) in June 2011.  Later that year I went on to train with Ingrid Lews, another highly regarded Birthlight tutor, to complete my yoga for labour and childbirth studies. I am now certified to hold workshops for women in late pregnancy, along with their birth partners on yoga to help them prepare for labour and birth. These workshops started running in February 2012. I returned, again, to training with Francoise and began my postnatal yoga studies in January 2012, which I am currently working on. This yoga focusses on the gentle, methodical yoga for early postnatal women (birth to 4 months) and late postnatal women (4 to 12 months after birth).

I also teach occasional childrens' yoga workshops in schools and to youth groups - using storytelling to introduce the breathing, postures and relaxation. My experience is that children are very receptive to yoga.

I am registered and insured with Yoga Alliance UK which is an organisation seeking to set clear standards for yoga teachers in the UK. I am CRB checked.

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